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Our used piano store in Arizona has been extremely busy since our last blog post! In January we sold around 25 used pianos and February about 23 used pianos. Since we started our other business The Vintage Piano Shop we have been selling a lot more used vintage pianos that have been refinished and restored to have that “shabby chic” look. Click on the link above to check out the new site and some of our more recent pianos! Here is a little pic of one: 

In adition to our used upright pianos we have plenty of baby grands including Kawai, Samick, Kohler and Campbell, Wymann, and a few others. At the moment we have a Bergmann (made by Young Chang) baby grand piano with a player and a Samick baby grand piano with a player starting at $5690! We have never sold such high quality pianos with players at that price.

To be honest, we are trying to make room for more used pianos in our Arizona piano store so we have marked all our used pianos down to make room for the ones coming in at the end of the week. This price cut has triggered a bunch of calls and drop ins on these used pianos. As many of you know, our prices are dramatically lower than all other used piano stores in Arizona and we are enjoying selling TONS of used pianos!

Like I have said in the past, buying a used piano is not something that can be rushed. You need to fall in love with your piano. It is something you will have in your home for years and years. Something you will see and (hopefully) play every day. For this reason we don’t push sales of our used pianos on any customer. In fact, if we don’t feel that you are perfectly happy with the one you picked out, we wont sell it to you!


As always, please feel free to contact us regarding any of our used pianos or any piano related questions you may have. We are here to help and the advice is always free!
Thanks for reading!

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