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Stilwell Pianos is the only piano store in Tempe Arizona but we service all of the Metro Phoenix area. Our dedication to finding you the perfect used piano for your home is obvious as soon as you talk to us. Our collection of used grand pianos and used upright pianos in our piano store in constantly rotating. Since we price our used pianos very low, they typically don’t last too long before somebody from Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale or Phoenix buys them. Our upright Shabby Chic pianos have been selling really fast over as well and the used baby grand pianos are keeping up with the upright pianos. For more information on our Arizona piano store, please feel free to contact us anyway you like. Thanks for visiting!

Free Piano Shoppers Guide

What brand is "High End"?

Do Yamahas sound bright or warm? 


Most people shopping for a used piano have no idea what brands are the "chevys" and what brands are the "mercedes". Furthermore they don't know what brands tend to sound bright and what brands are typically warm. For these people we made a easy to read piano buyers guide with our years of experience buying and selling thousands of pianos. When reading our reviews and following our charts, please keep in mind these are our GENERAL experiences, not every Young Chang or Yamaha is going to be the exact same. 

Please provide your email address here and we will immediately email you the PDF of our piano shoppers guide. Thanks for stopping by!