Used Piano Store Arizona

Hello from the road!

We (Adam and I) are on our way back from picking up used grand pianos in California. We picked up 4 baby grand pianos and one grand piano with a player yesterday here and we are eager to get home and unload the over weighted trailer…

Used Pianos

Our first pick up was in Irvine and is a nice Parlor Baby Grand Hamilton (by Baldwin) baby grand piano. The owner and his wife bought the piano about 20 years ago and recently downsized their home so they didnt have room for it any more. It is in great shape and has a nice rich sound. After that we headed up to Placentia CA to pick up a beautiful Young Chang G-185 (6’1″) grand piano with a QRS player system. The owner had also downsized and needed to get rid of it fast so we got a really good deal. It sounds amazing thanks to its large size. Luckily the piano was professionally moved into this guys business warehouse so we were able to pull the trailer right up to it. Made for a very easy piano move.

Next we headed to Diamond Bar CA to pick up a Kawai baby grand piano in black from a family moving to a smaller house. They had four kids and all of the kids took lessons on the piano. They were a nice family but I made a big mistake and left my binder and my grandpa Ralph’s tuning hammer in their house when we left! We called them once we got to the next house in Ranch Cucamonga and they were very nice. The next morning (today) we stopped by on our way out of town and picked it up. Thank God!

In Ranch Cucamonga we picked up a very nice mahogany Bergmann (Young Chang) baby grand piano from a guy who was going through a divorce. His wife had bought the piano 7 years ago and never played it. Now, with the divorcee, the estate is being divided so they are selling everything to split up their assets. Its definitely sad but this is often how we end up with cheap used pianos at our shop in Tempe.

From there we headed to Duarte CA to pick up our last piano. The guy were bought it from was very nice on the phone and even offered to have dinner ready for us when we got there! Needless to say, we were excited to meet him. Unfortunately he was tied up at work when we got there so his son and wife had to help us with the purchase. He had a 10 year old Hobart M. Cable baby grand piano for sale and it was in pretty good shape. It will need a little bit of buffing but other than that, it sounded good and will be a nice affordable piano at our used piano store in Arizona.

Well I better get back to entertaining Adam while he drives us home. I should get all the used grand pianos for sale up on our site in the next few days so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

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