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Competition – Ya we have that…

Here at Stilwell Pianos we consider ourselves pretty lucky to be the only used piano store in Tempe. There are a couple music lessons studios that sell a piano or two but nothing like what we have. That does not mean there are not other piano stores close to us though… Just 6 miles to the east is My First Piano and 5 miles west is AZ Piano. Both of these stores have been in the valley for years and get a lot of business every month.  Even though we are sandwiched between two piano stores, we still seem to sell most of our used pianos within just a few weeks. I have been thinking alot about why that is, and this is what I came up with;

We are cheaper- Our pianos are typically in better shape and cost almost half of what they would if they were at our competitor’s piano shops.

We are honest- unfortunately the term “piano salesmen” is synonymous with “car salesmen”… That’s why we don’t have salesmen, only certified piano techs that can answer your questions.

We are a one-stop-shop – we not only sell used pianos, we also offer tuning, repair, refinishing and piano moving! This means that after you buy a used piano from our piano store, you will (hopefully) build a relationship with us over the years while we come out to service it in your home!

I could go on and on but I have a piano in the back that needs some sanding. That reminds me, make sure to check out our new site for our vintage pianos! Our painter Annah Liverman has been KILLING IT lately  Her pianos are selling so fast that its been hard to keep her stocked! Annah has been painting most of her life and since she came on staff here a few months ago, she has been getting complement after complement by our customers. Teresa Whickersham (our office manager/piano artist) has also been doing some really neat work. She has produced a few piano key wall art pieces (see pic) and sold them all over the country as well as painted a very attractive Queene Anne style Wurlitzer last month. You can check out the girls work by clicking here.


Anyways, I should get back to sanding that piano in the back. Dont forget to like us on Facebook! We are the premier piano store in Arizona!
Piano Key Wall Art $250

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