Sara Conner
Delivery Manager


Sara has the hardest job in the shop – she handles all the comings and goings of our out of state piano moves. This may not sound like a lot but Sara handles about 20 -30 individual, out of state moves a month with about 5 different moving companies. If you live outside of Arizona and buy a piano from us, you will certainly be working with her. She is able to do this job from home and is always on call. When we got to the point where we needed a dedicated delivery manager, we knew Sara would be the perfect fit because she is so calm, respectful and kind.

Life Outside the Shop

Sara is actually Nathan’s (our store manager) sister! We sure do like to keep things in the family here! Sara has 2 children with her husband and lives in Mesa AZ about 15 minutes from our store. Saras youngest girl is still in the crawling stage so working from home allows her to take care of her while still doing a great job with all our customers. Sara is also a pianist and a piano teacher that we regularly refer to customers at our store! She is phenomenal with kids and everybody we meet that takes lessons from her, loves her!