Nick Mancuso
Piano Technician + Finish Technician


We use Nick for everything… He is extremely smart and picks up tasks very quickly. Nick came to us a few years ago to help Tim in the back shop (they grew up together) but we quickly pulled him out on the floor with Nathan and I. Our head technician Jules as well as Leo and Matt have all trained him over the years and I could not be more proud of where he is at now. Weather he is rubbing out a piano in the back or doing a concert tuning on the floor, Nick puts in the extra effort and it shows.

Life Outside the Shop

Nick was recently married and enjoys spending the bulk of his off time with his new wife Sarah. Nicks parents own the famous Arizona restaurant Mancuso’s so another thing Nick loves to do is eat AMAZING Italian food. He and his wife are also active in their church, live in north Phoenix and enjoy doing little Airbnb vacations on the weekends.