Michael Stilwell
Owner/Piano Technician


My job here is basically just to talk about pianos all day… As you may know, I am in all the piano videos and am usually the one you will talk to if you call or come into the store. Luckily for me, I have a solid team behind me that makes sure all the work gets done to our standards and the store stays filled with awesome pianos for me to sell! I also work for our sister company quite a bit, the Piano Technician Academy. Between PTA and Stilwell Pianos, I am either on the phone or talking in person with a customer about 90% of the time I am at work. But I am talking about the instrument I love so it doesn’t really feel like “work”.

Life Outside the Shop

My wife Laurie and I have 4 kids under 10 so we are pretty busy. We spend about 40% of the time at our home in Pine, AZ where my folks had a house (and still do) while I was growing up. We love mountain biking, hiking, off-roading (quads/UTVs) and eating out. I am also an avid guitar player and spend one night a week tucked away in the back of the piano store recording a ridiculous amount of guitar tracks all layered on top of each other for no one to ever hear! Because of a medical condition, I am pretty much vegetarian but enjoy cooking huge meals on my grill for our extended family. My family is my pride and joy and I tend to spend as much time with them as I can.