Matt Brown RPT
Master Piano Technician/Piano Wizard


Matt technically doesn’t work here… Well, I should say, he’s not an employee and we mainly call him in when we need help, only he can provide. Matt use to be our head technician about 4 years ago and we became very close friends. To this day, he will still stop by on his way home from tunings to grab a beer from our kegerator and chat about pianos. Matt is a second generation piano rebuilder and one of the best techs I have ever worked with. He has literally fixed every single problem I have ever thrown his way. There is NOTHING in the piano this guy cant fix/make/improve. Luckily we still get him to work with us about once a week.

Life Outside the Shop

Matt and his wife Bari have to young children (boy and girl) and live about 5 minutes from our shop. While Matt works about 70 hours a week rebuilding pianos for his customers (and mine sometimes!) he still enjoys spending the time he does have with his family. Matt is also a phenomenal artist and creates beautiful ceramic pieces in his spare time.