Larry Cheatham
Piano Technician


Larry is one of my favorite techs! Not only is he a great tech, he is also one of the nicest men you will ever meet. Larry is a retired cop and has been tuning pianos for most of his life just like his dad did. He can be found tuning or regulating a piano here most days although he technically is a contractor and has his own in home tuning business. Larry is an absolute workhorse and literally never complains.

Life Outside the Shop

Larry and his wife Gannet adopted their two young grandchildren and live in Gold Canyon (about 30 min from the shop). Larry is an avid gun nut and loves going to the range. He also stays in touch with all of his “cop buddies” and goes to lunch with them once a week. Larry and his family love going up north and staying in our home when we are not there and every time he goes up, he fixes something! The guy cant just sit still and relax! The life of a piano technician I guess!