Jim Linton
Piano Mover


Jim owns Max Piano Moving and has been one of my best friends for over 10 years. He grew up in a music store and is literally the strongest person I have ever met… Jim handles all of our in town moves and there has yet to be a move he could not do… And we have sent him on some pretty gnarly moves…

Life Outside the Shop

Jim spends most of his time with his 3 kids when he is not moving pianos. He comes from a HUGE family, and they tend to get together quite often. Jim is also a guitar player and even works out after getting home from moving pianos all day… I don’t get that… But I also hate working out… Jim takes his kids on all kinds of vacations, to sporting events and even concerts. He definitely wins the dad of the year award every year and if I could vote, he would win the friend of the year award as well!