Garret Turner
Finish Technician


Garret works with Tim in the back shop and is a master at satanizing pianos. He is often seen with a huge smile (kid smiles all the time) buffing brass piano parts or hand rubbing a piano. Garret has really long arms and is the best at keeping his lines perfectly straight when satanizing a lid. Garett’s family also owns a window cleaning business so Garett splits his time between working there and working for our family at the piano store.

Life Outside the Shop

Garett and Tim live together in Tempe and both enjoy many of the same post work activities. The two grew up together along with Nick and are often seen biking around Tempe or working on their trucks. Garrett is an avid off road junky and has two off road vehicles that are super bad ass. One is a big lifted 4Runner and one is a big lifted Chevy truck. On weekends, Garett takes these things out to the desert and tears it up with his brothers!