Ralph Stilwell Concert Hall

Our beautiful concert hall in our store is available for rent by the half hour. It includes a piano, sound equipment, lighting, and more.

The Ralph Stilwell Concert Hall was designed by Nathan Cleland (our store manager) to be a place where musicians love to play and listeners love to listen.

Our Hall is dedicated to the Stilwell patriarch Ralph Stilwell RPT who started our business in 1956. We are proud to bring such a high caliber performance hall to our local community and are looking forward to hosting your event!

All packages come with the following:

  • Concert Grand Piano 9 foot Baldwin SD-10 with Renner Blue Point Hammers and Renner Action
  • Earthworks Piano Microphone
  • One announcement microphone on stage
  • 4 Camera Live stream to Stilwell Pianos Website (can be downloaded from YouTube after)
  • Reception area with:
    • 32 foot penny-top bar
    • Water dispenser (hot and cold)
    • Hot tea
    • 3 bar top tables/chairs Kid area with Netflix, toys, etc.

Concert Hall Expectations

  • Please inform all of your guests to arrive NO EARLIER than the start of the time you rented the hall. Recitals are often booked back-to-back. Some guests believe they need to get here early to get a good seat. But that might mean that they are imposing on others who are finishing up their recitals. Plan the actual start of your recital accordingly, so that your guests have time to get in and seated before you actually start the performances.
  • Please remind your guests and students to stay in the reception/hall area and not to play the pianos. If someone would like to look at or try out a piano, please ask them to ask a staff member to assist them. We want to be sure we are caring for our customers who are here to purchase a piano and, often, can’t tell who that is if there are many roaming the store.
  • All recitals are live streamed with no exception. This means, if your guests are not comfortable being on a live stream on our website and YouTube channel, they should not enter the hall.
  • We keep our rates low and appreciate your attention to leaving the hall as you found it. Please ask your guests or pick up after themselves or do it for them. We often have very little time in between to do that.

Available Packages

Piano Teacher Package

$45/half hour

Our hall was designed and built with the intention of bringing families with children in piano lessons into the store. We hope this inspires them to play more and hopefully consider us when it is time to purchase a fine piano. We believe that people play piano more when they play a nice piano which is why we want everybody to have a chance to play our high caliber pianos. For this reason, we keep the price of the hall as low as we can for piano teachers and piano teachers only! The rate for piano teachers or studios that only teach piano is $45 a half hour with a 1.5 hour minimum. 

Music Teacher Package

$55/half hour

We are happy to welcome music studios who teach other instruments besides piano however the rental rate is a bit higher. The rental rate for music studios who teach anything other than piano is $60 a half hour. If your studio teaches both piano and other instruments, the rate is $55 a half hour. Having a pianist up to accompany a vocalist or other musician does not qualify for the Piano Teacher Package or the $55 a half hour rate. There is a 1.5 hour minimum for all packages. 

Concert Package


This package is for anyone looking for the following:

- Senior recital (1-2 pianists)
- Musicians showcase
- Private concert where tickets would be sold
- Recording sessionMusic video session on our stage w/ grand piano

Contact Us to Book

If you would like to book our concert hall or have any questions about our space, please contact our office manager Madeleine Stilwell at Madeleine@StilwellPianos.com or 480-207-6645.