The Power of Selection

When customers first walk into our store, the first thing they usually tell us is “Wow, you have a lot of pianos!” Stilwell Pianos, compared to any other store, has a greater and larger selection of used, restored, and new grand pianos than any other store in the Valley. Some stores focus solely on a high-or-low-end market, which often results in fewer pianos being sold. Fewer sales mean less pianos can be purchased and placed on the showroom floor. Do we maintain healthy relationships with many different vendors? Absolutely. This also enables us to get our pianos for less than many of our competitors. However, placing friendly networking and financial prudence aside, the catalyst for our success is built fundamentally on providing the lowest prices for every market; because at the end of the day, our success is measured by the satisfaction our customers from every background feel.


What is a piano market? Is that even a thing? A piano market is no different than Prada vs. Kohls, or Mercedes-Benz vs. Kia. Piano manufactures focus their energy on three broad markets, with each of having different tiers, similar to how Mercedes-Benz has everything from a starter entry-level compact sedan to a custom, full-size Maybach, yet all Mercedes vehicles represent luxury cars. It is possible to have different markets, but things often get complicated when a specific market is divided into different segments---different grades.


The following is a model of the different markets and their different segments today:


Performance Grade A

5’-7’ $95,000-$150,000

C. Bechstein, Bösendorfer, Blüthner, Fazioli, Steinway and Sons (Hamburg), Shigeru Kawai, Ravenscroft

Performance Grade B

5’-7” $65,000-$100,000

August Förster, Grotrian-Steinweg, Haessler, Mason and Hamlin, Sauter, Schimmel Konzert, Steinway and Sons (New York), Yamaha CF & S/SX,

Performance Grade C

5’-7’ $25,000-$55,000

Baldwin USA, Bechstein (Academy), Charles Walter, Chickering, Estonia, Irmler Europe, Petrof, Schimmel Classic, Shulze Pollmann

Premium Grade A

5’-7’ $20,000-$35,000

Baldwin-Dongbei, Boston (Steinway), Kawai GX/RX, Yamaha CX/C/U, Hailun , Wilhelm Schimmel, Irmler Classic

Premium Grade B

5’-7’ $12,000-$25,000

Brodmann, Dongbei (Hallet Davis, Vienna, Vose & Sons etc), Weber (Young Chang), Kawai GE/GL/K/KG, Yamaha GC

Premium Grade C

5’-7’ $10,000-$20,000

Essex (Steinway), Young Chang, Kawai GM, Yamaha GB/B

Promotional Grade

5’-7’ Grand $5,000- $12,000

Bergman (Young Chang) Falcone, George Steck & Co, Kimball, Mendelsohn, Samick (Conover Cable, Kohler & Campbell, Knabe, Sohmer), Shumann, Sherman Clay, Sojin, Wyman



What does this data mean for us at Stilwell Pianos? One, we are able to sell our pianos far less than the suggested retail price. Our Hailun and Weber pianos sell for the typical price of a promotional grade piano, yet are premium in every respect. We offer the highest quality American-built pianos such as Steinway & Sons and Mason & Hamlin at prices competitive to new Kawai GX and Yamaha CX pianos. And we do offer promotional grade USED pianos. We know that pianos are expensive. We aren't going to lie. That is why we also carry the best non-acoustic piano on the market today, for an unbelievably affordable price: the Celviano-Bechstein hybrid grand piano. This instrument features a custom, Bechstein grand piano action with the best sound sampling of a Bechstein, Steinway, and Bösendorfer piano on the market today. If you can afford a smart phone, you can afford this piano. In conclusion, every market is covered at an unbeatable price. That is why our family of customers love us, and we think you’ll love us to if you come and experience our unbeatable selection and unbeatable prices for quality new and used pianos representing every market!   

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