The Myth of the Starter Piano

Do you remember your first car? It was probably not the same grade of vehicle you currently drive, and there's a good chance looking back, it was (too be polite) a questionably safe people mover. Yes, although your Ford Pinto was ridiculously noisy and the opposite of smooth handling, you still drive--and the car you drive today is probably an improvement. Likewise, the house you own today is likely much more spacious and better furnished than the apartment you had rented in college. Pianos are different than cars and homes. Unlike vehicles or dwelling places, most people, including professional musicians, do not replace their pianos in their lifetime. The imstrument  you invest in today will likely become the piano of your posterity. Because of this reality, it is absolutely critical to invest the best possible piano from the beginning. 

The best way to inspire children into the piano is by purchasing a quality piano, with a responsive and articulate touch and pleasing tone. Unlike a car, piano students need the finest instrument possible, within financial means and space limitations. A poor piano creates poor technique, discourages musical artistry, and creates a sense of dread whenever it is time to practice; to encourage increased attention during practice sessions and provide an environment for musical enjoyment truly demands the purchase of a quality instrument.

What does this mean? Sometimes, it is better to purchase a quality upright or used grand piano instead of a subpar, inexpensive grand piano. Fortunately, at Stilwell Pianos, all of our new instruments represent the finest offerings for their respective price points. However, this is not true for all stores. You will find many small baby grands that are "new" at many piano stores have mediocre actions, and tonal limitations that cannot be overcome through even the best technicians.  

Here at Stilwell Pianos, a good piano for serious study would be a quality Young Chang, Weber, or Hailun grand piano, or a used Yamaha or Kawai. These brands represent the best of piano design without having to spend an enormous amount of money. 

Pianos such as Samick are fine for those who desire an inexpensive piano, simply to have an instrument.There is nothing wrong with having an entry level piano and enjoying it for the occasional song or two. But it is better to purchase a quality piano if the intention is to provide a strong, musical foundation for children. Avoid the whole prospect of piano hopping, and go straight into the purchase of a quality instrument that will last a lifetime. The purchase of a quality piano might not be as preferable as acquiring the most inexpensive piano on the  showroom floor; however, investing in a  musical legacy is priceless. There is nothing more rewarding than learning to create beautiful sounds, colors, and textures on a great piano that does not fight against you. 

Make your next purchase great by visiting Stilwell Pianos!


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