Hailun: Moving Forward Radically

Hailun: Moving Forward Radically  


Today the global world seems to gravitate towards greater multi-national partnerships than ever before. It is a recent phenomena brought on by globalization and has contributed to radical breakthroughs in science and technology. No other piano company has taken advantage of this new global capitalism like Hailun.  


Here is a list of countries that make Hailun special:


  • Austria
  • China
  • France
  • Germany 
  • United States
  • Japan
  • …and more!


From world-renowned piano designers to all-European hardwoods and felts, Hailun pianos utilize the best materials one would expect from the most expensive piano--yet they are priced affordably.  


Here is a list of features Hailun has that nobody else in the mass produced segment, such as Kawai and Yamaha, can match:


  • Hard rock laminated inner and outer rims
  • Austrian solid spruce soundboards
  • German hammers
  • German Röslau strings
  • European hardwoods
  • Performance Plus exclusive action 
  • Lid Assist (on all grands) that has pending US patents 
  • Wet sand-cast iron plates


Yamaha and Kawai use cheap blends of luan mahogany from the Philippines for their inner and outer rims. This deteriorates over time and doesn’t contribute to a handmade sound. Additionally, they use cheap vacuum processed plates that are thin and create unwanted plate ringing. Instead of using cold-pressed hammer heads from the best German felt, their proprietary felt is cheap and treated with lacquer like substance. The list goes on and on…Hailun uses only the finest materials in their pianos!

Every great piano company over the last 100 years built their instruments using solid European hardwoods, utilized an exclusive action design for optimal performance, and strove to perpetually innovate in technology. Within the last 50 years, a decline in innovation and entrepreneurial vision has made giants such as Steinway, Bösendorfer, Schimmel, and many other companies all but collapse in sales. Hailun has picked up where other companies have settled in mediocrity. A Hailun piano built tomorrow will improve on the Hailun piano built today: that is progress. Hailun pianos continue to win the world over for their outstanding quality, regardless of price. That is why unlike virtually every other piano company today, Hailun only produces one line of quality—because old world craftsmanship and the the most advanced innovation should never be compromised. This is why buying a Hailun piano is such a safe and easy choice, 

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