Hailun HU1: Yamaha U1 Killer?

Hailun HU1

Many people who enter our store request the famous U series Yamaha uprights. Whenever we advertise one in stock, regardless of how many decades of use it might have seen, we literally have a list of buyers who all want the piano; it’s not uncommon for several potential buyers to come within the week after it has sold.

We carry what is arguably the best upright on the market today: the Hailun HU1.

Our Hailun HU1 series uprights have super-tuned factory actions, steel termination bars for better clarity, premium piano strings, Austrian spruce soundboards, Abel German hammers, an aluminum keybed for greater rigidity, premium key tops that simulate ivory and genuine ebony wood sharps, Advanced scale design with duplexes, a full-perimeter cast iron plate, and a beautiful cabinet design.

Austrian spruce is highly flexible, due to its purity and lack of pronounced grain or defects. Only the finest European handmade pianos, Blüthner, Bösendorfer, to name a few, choose Austrian Spruce--but Hailun goes to extreme measures to provide this scarce and highly sought after wood. 

Abel hammers use only the finest English and German wool before shaping them placing them in a cold press, which creates a naturally dense and hard material. Abel technicians in Germany must painstakingly needle each individual hammer by hand and used sand paper to create a perfect, pear-shaped hammer with the perfect amount of elasticity. This creates a warm, powerful and very colorful tone. 

These pianos are voiced and regulated  to performance standards before ever leaving the factory. Unlike Yamaha U1 uprights, Hailun HU1 high end uprights have an individual sound. None will sound exactly the same, because of the natural, high-quality German and Austrian materials used. 



So what makes a YAMAHA U series upright so popular?

48” studio size and up to a 52” full size
bass agraffes (Essential for every piano?!)
Under-felted (lacquered) hammers (Cheap to make but reliable) 
Vacuum processed plate (Inexpensive, thin and only takes a few seconds)
Cut-thread tuning pins (Pearl River and Young Chang do this now...)
Mute center pedal (What upright produced since Y2K doesn't have this?) 

All of these features are fairly standard for all uprights in 2018. Even our most affordable Young Chang Uprights have more features than Yamaha, such as advanced soundboard and bridge design.

Never before has Viennese sound and German quality been offered at such a competitive price, literally undercutting the Yamaha U1 in half!

Feature by feature, the Hailun HU1 wins and is superior in virtually every way.

Come to Stilwell Pianos and experience this magnificent piano!


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