Chords The Inner and Outer Working W/ Dan Delaney
  • Chords The Inner and Outer Working W/ Dan Delaney
Chords The Inner and Outer Working W/ Dan Delaney - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
Admission Fee: FREE
Date: September 27th @10:30am
Lunch/ drinks will be provided.

A special offering designed specifically for teachers to better understand important topics they can use in their teaching. New exciting topics will be presented regularly. No experience is necessary and will for sure be shedding some light on a topic that has often left people bewildered. 

Dan will present in an eye opening presentation as he displays the many functions of chords in Harmony, Improvisation and more. 
  • Shells- The "ultimate Foundation"
  • The power of Chord Tones: How chord tones play an important part of our improvisational world.
  • Patterns: Created using chordal Harmony
  • Voice Leading Frames: A unique presentation to see chord tones more clearly
  • Inner tonal movement: Effective skills moving tones and keeping time.
  • Texture Release: Chords built from narrow and wide intervals
  • Chromatics: Add harmonic interest by doubling chord content
  • Stride: An informative view of spreading chords out
  • Cluster FormationsL Rich full chordal harmony brought forth using chord scales.
  • Reharmonization: A creative view on how to build chords to fit your melody
  • Drop Voicing: Organize chord parts between 2 hands
  • Harmonic Coloration: An eye opening display- 38 ways to play a Maj7 chord.